The Foundation – Center for Contemporary Arts

The Foundation – Center for Contemporary Arts operating in Slovakia since 1993 was established in the frame of the network of Open Society Foundations in East Europe. F-CCA has been working for 25 years already, supporting the expansion of contemporary arts, specifically of visual arts, through its activities following the ”open society” philosophy. In Slovakia, the Foundation played a key role in promoting contemporary artistic creations and setting up new trends and initiatives.

F-CCA has been active in providing grants, presenting art works, documenting Slovak creations and organizing educational programs. Answering to the needs of the field, the Foundation slowly changed its role as donor institution to be more active by organizing different educational activities and trainings, which were intended to art managers, administrators, students of high schools and universities and to young professional artists and theoreticians. More recently the foundation worked to rise awareness about contemporary art among the general public and run own innovative events, like BLAF festival.

F-CCA used to work in different fields of contemporary arts, mainly visual arts, but also performing arts or cinematography.

F-CCA main aims are to:

  • strengthen cultural sector
  • stimulate and support art creation 
  • function as a platform for cultural co-operation


F-CCA program:

  • Oskár Čepan award: 

    Named after a foremost Slovak art historian Oskár Čepán (1925 – 1992), Oskár Čepán award is a prestigious competition created in 1996 by Wendy W. Luers (Foundation – Center for Contemporary Arts, USA) and F-CCA administrates this competition in Slovakia in the frame of YVAA international network. The competition is intended for young fine artists under 40 years of age active in the fields of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, drawing, installation, photography, multimedia and video art. The aim is to support development of young art scene in Slovakia and to reinforce expert reflection on Slovak creations. Every year, realization phase runs from March to December and official award ceremony goes along with exhibition of works of the four finalists and a rich cultural programs.

  • BLAF:

    Bratislava Art Festival is a visual art festival, which each year at autumn since 2010 invite audience to state, commercial and independent galleries of the Slovak capital city Bratislava. Those galleries are co-creating the program of the festival with their own exhibitions, which are completed with a rich cultural program, like concerts, performances, commented tours, lecture and program for children. The festival guide offers the opportunity for participants to travel from one gallery to the other and by the way to discover the art spaces in Bratislava. BLAF festival has been stoped in 2016, because it was not anymore in its actual format answering the needs of the scene. However, we are exploring possibilities for new format for the presentation of contemporary art in Bratislava, like a biennale.

  • Academy for contemporary art critics (ASK?):
    ASK? is our new educational program. We are offering workshops on how to write about contemporary art and discussion with experts valorising our Slovak contemporary art archive. Our main aim is to promote work of young art critics and therefore we started in 2017 an award for young Slovak Art critics called ASK?

F-CCA past activities

  • Educational programs:

    The Foundation experienced organizing educational seminars like: Curatorial studies (1997-2000), Space in Film (1999), Mimesis and representation (1999). In the year 2000, the Foundation has been creating and realizing the project Open Perception for the student of high school with intention to solve the most crucial problems in sphere of education of young people and their relation to arts of 20th century. In 2002 we started to realize the project „Development of functioning culture institutions – training workshops in the field of culture management“ with the main aim to map and monitor the situation of culture in the regions and to provide educational programs corresponding to the real needs of the culture institutions in regional self-governments. From 2002 to 2009, the foundation was involved in the international project DidArt with the aim to increase the accessibility of contemporary art. From 2004 to 2010, the foundation run programs Closer to museum and Closer to gallery, with the aim to support professionalisation of gallery and museum pedagogical workers in Slovakia. In 2015 F-CCA proposed 3 thematic trainings for curators, artists and cultural managers about adult education in gallery and museums, transformation of cultural organization and communication skills.

  • Grant support - Auction:
    Since 1993, F-CCA offers grants for projects in the field of visual art and to cultural organizations mainly to help them to access to educational program abroad (conference, seminars, courses, workshops). Since 2003, an auction of contemporary art works is organized in cooperation with Sotheby´s to support this grant program.

  • Information and documentation center:
    In its role of a mediator F-CCA functions is keeping and updating documentations about Slovak visual artists. F-CCA helps the individuals and newfound institutions to find links, grant possibilities and cooperation offers with partners abroad. F-CCA is having a unique database with documentation of art creation in Slovakia since WWII, which actually is available to the public with the help of the Slovak National Gallery.

  • Exhibitions - Open gallery:
    In the space of the Open Gallery in Bratislava’s old town, F-CCA offered space for the realization of diverse exhibitions on the base of an open call for artists and curators of contemporary arts.
  • Cultural policy from A to Z:
    It is a 3 years long project aiming at mapping the actual state of cultural infrastructures and creating a cultural development strategy for the Žilina’s region. The aim was to create new relations between state, regional and city organizations with the art sector and to create a long term vision of the cultural policy of the Žilina’s regional self-governments.


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